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With representative offices worldwide continents and access to more than 800 senior level management, engineering and technology professionals worldwide, our solutions and services keep growing From Strength To Strength ™

Glocoms has a reputation of implementing projects on time, efficiently with value added services and within budget. We know what it takes and have what it takes to provide the right solution. With experience on a diverse array of national and international prominent projects, you can trust us today, tomorrow and thereafter.

The quest for improved healthcare quality, cost, management, research and patient safety is pushing healthcare organizations around the globe to align delivery strategies, reduce costs, improve processes, integrate management, collaborate and share knowledge in daily operations. At Glocoms, we have established continuous leadership in the development of adequate HCP/HCW modalities (recruitment, retention, compensation, management), Standard Operating Procedures (strategies, policies, procedures, compliance), delivery frameworks (assessment, analysis, audits, reforms), and knowledge management (HMIS, KBS, research, training, capacity building, knowledge transfer). We continually draw from our past experience and expertise to contribute positively to healthcare, insurance, research and management.
Public Sector
One of our main objectives is to help governments build and achieve sustainable, efficient and accountable public institutions. We have the leading edge experience in public sector reforms,civil and administrative reforms, judicial and legal reforms, human resources and compensation reforms, governance and public resource management. Glocoms also provides technical assistance to governments on developing strategies and frameworks for revenue administration, taxation, public sector management, fiscal policy, budgeting, compensation, public sector expenditure, program evaluation, privatization and eGovernment. Only the best and brightest resources in the industry are assigned to your project. Our consultants walk the talk; our solutions grow from strength to strength and our methodology is based on international best practices
Banking and Finance
Today's global economic volatility requires public institutions to establish sound finance structures and processes - strengthen public finance, promote investment, growth, responsiveness and adaptability. In the private finance sector, adhering to regulations while maintaining market leadership, customer-focus and profitability are the yardsticks. Glocoms has developed the framework and strategy for public and private finance institutions to achieve sustainability, efficiency, growth and profitability. Our service delivery framework is based on vision, strategy and satisfaction. No matter the size of the institution, we have the experience, best practices and manpower to provide efficient and profitable services. Our services in the finance industry include capacity building, planning & development, public finance administration, taxation, restructuring, reforms, financial & management accounting, human resource & risk management. With enormous experience, industry best practices, partnerships and alliances worldwide, we have proven to more than 40 clients that their satisfaction is paramount to our success. The Glocoms Finance center of excellence has a reputation of implementing projects on time, adequately, properly, efficiently, with value-added services and within budget. We deliver consistent results independent of the conditions.
Natural Resources
With the natural resources sector being faced with sustainability, competition, government regulations and rapidly changing technology and marketplace expectations, companies as well as governments are reassessing their existing strategies, developing new business models, policy, strategy and managing more complex risks. Our consultants have direct industry experience at senior levels and have worked in 5 continents in the world. Our sound understanding of the natural resources industry and strategic alliances with international natural resource organizations provide us with the leading edge when it comes to designing an adequate Technology solution that is scalable, cost effective and reliable.
Enterprise Management
Glocoms reputation of putting together results oriented project teams that reflect the particular needs of every client is the key to success and industry leadership. Our professionals are worldwide experts, seasoned industry leaders, innovative, progressive thinkers and forefront practitioners with an average of two decades experience in the most complex private and public arenas. Our consulting framework is based on industry standards and best practices. Designed, implemented, optimized and managed for reliability, efficiency and cost benefits. Private and public institutions worldwide are benefiting from our superior Enterprise Management solutions and services, as we keep raising the level of customer satisfaction, on-time delivery and cost containment
Financial Services
Sound financial structures, policies and practices are extremely important for progress in this age of increasing world trade integration. We recognize the importance of growth, profitability and stability in the financial sector and have built a global finance practice that provides leading-edge services to clients worldwide.We have the culture, practice, knowledge, resources and professionals to guide public and private finance institutions minimize risk, optimize productivity and economic growth. Our solutions are based on international best practices including IAS, ACCA, GAAP, BIS, IMF, IASB, OECD, & World Bank.
Good governance is an integral strategy to reduce poverty, promote development and efficient management of public resources. Challenges worldwide include public administration, public financial management, local governance, corporate regulatory frameworks, legal and judicial reforms, anticorruption and participation of civil society in public decision making. Our senior consultants are helping countries worldwide establish elements of good governance including transparency, predictability, accountability, strategic focus, efficiency, effectiveness and participation
Infrastructure Management
Adequate infrastructure and good quality of service are extremely fundamental for development. The growing needs for infrastructure improvements such as ICT, energy, oil, gas, mining, transport, urban structures, water supply and sanitation require modern technologies and methodologies for environmentally, economically and socially sustainable frameworks.Glocoms has developed strategic frameworks for infrastructure management based on best practices from the World Bank, NERC, WTO and ADB to overcome challenges. Our global access to a large pool culture to utilize best practices and lessons learnt from pass projects give us the ability to deliver life changing infrastructure solutions. No matter the size of the challenge, you can trust Glocoms to go the extra yard in providing an optimized solution.
The impetus for privatization of state-owned enterprises comes largely from mismanagement and overstaffing, inappropriate and costly investments, poor quality and coverage of services, high debt and fiscal losses, low productivity and profitability. The success of any privatization project depends on the existing conditions and the professionals involved. Our worldwide professionals have leading edge expertise in privatizing state owned enterprises in the banking, energy, communications, agriculture, infrastructure and transport industries. Our privatization service delivery model is industry specific and continues to be revitalized by best practices, frameworks and lessons learnt from ILO, World Bank, OECD, ADB, USAID and Countries.

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Our best-of-breed IT solutions serve the public and private sector with hardware, software, networking, programming, consulting, project management, and a full range of IT solutions and services. Discover the value of Glocoms Information Technology solutions today.

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Our strategic and tactical management consulting frameworks are vertically and horizontally integrated to harmonize and optimize process, people, resources, and technology. Discover the value of Glocoms Management Consulting Solutions today.